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artist :ISOZAKI, MIA
age :early 20th century (Taisho period)
size :W 45 x H 36 x D 35 (cm)
size :W17 3/4" x H 14 1/4" x D 13 3/4" (inch)
box :Wooden box
Based on the traditional techniques that has produced swords and sword fittings for centuries, Japanese metal craft turned the corner in the Meiji and Taisho eras (A.D. 1868-1925) to aim for an art form that could express the inner depths of the subject.
This bronze statue depicts the Jurojin, one of the seven deities of happiness symbolizing longevity, and a deer. The artist, Isozaki Mia, imbued gentleness and compassion into the figures, thus achieving a work filled with the joy of life.
The hem of Jurojin's kimono and the deer's spots are of gold inlay using the "Chohkin" technique.
The work bears the artist's signature in Chohkin and comes with a lacquer-finished oval base and a wooden box.
It is in mint condition with absolutely no scars, damages nor traces of repair.
About the artist
Isozaki Mia (1884-1949) was a metal craft artist who had inherited the traditional metalwork techniques of making Japanese swords and sword fittings, and represented modern Japanese metal craft art. He graduated from the Metal Craft Institute of Tokyo Fine Arts School (presently Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music). From 1927 on, he received numerous awards at the craft section of the Exhibition of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, and later became its judge.