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Why We Decided to Go Online
Ever since our establishment sixty-some years ago, Fuji-Torii has been committed to selling not only authentic antiques but also hand-made/hand-painted contemporary artworks, so as to present perfect quality and "beauty that moves the hearts of all". With this belief, we have been continuing to operate our business solely through our store where we can personally greet our customers and urge them to take the artworks in their own hands. Mail orders and websites were therefore not an option.
However, in recent years I have been witnessing the standard of Japanese art in the global market on a steady decline, due to the influx of poor quality goods. Crudely manufactured craftwork, copy products "a la Japanese" mass produced in other Asian countries and "antiques" of no value except for the fact that they are old are now everywhere.
This sad trend has finally come to overwhelm me. As an art dealer and a Japanese, I could not bear to let such inferior products leading people of the world into believing that they represent true Japanese art. Moreover, I am sensing a crisis to come, in that these non-value merchandise will eventually encroach upon the accumulated trust towards not only Japanese art but towards Japan as a nation.
Therefore, it has become my firm belief that, in order to save Japan and Japanese art from losing its long-standing credibility, we Japanese must first stand up for ourselves with responsibility and pride and introduce genuine artwork to the world. In realizing this mission, I decided to open this website.
I am convinced that once even the smallest of the artworks shown here reaches your door, it will testify on the depth and true beauty that only real Japanese art can possess.
Once again, in the coming series of this column I would like to convey what Japan really is and how it ought to be, through Japan's artworks nurtured by pure water, bountiful nature, the variance of the four seasons, two thousand years of tradition and culture, and the uniquely Japanese awareness towards beauty.