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artist :SUGA, SHOEN
age :contemporary
size :H 16 x W 22 x D 34 (cm)
size :H 6 1/4" x W 8 3/4" x D 13 1/2" (inch)
This beautiful piece was created by Suga Shoen, member of the Suga family that has produced metal craft for generations. The family was especially adept in making dragons figures, so you can see the skillfulness of the artist's fingers in creating the details of the dragon, from its eyes to the tail, resulting in an lifelike effect. Only one piece is produced from a single cast ("lost wax" technique), and the artist's resoluteness in creating his art is felt in every detail. The surface is colored with the traditional "ohaguro" technique, giving it depth. Each piece is unique due to the casting technique, and the number is limited.
Comes with a black wooden base and a wooden box with the title of the work on the cover, "Hanryu (Head-raising dragon)", and the artist's signature on the back of the cover.
Please dust occasionally and wipe with a dry cloth.
About the artist
Born in 1925 in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan
Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Industrial Art Faculty, Metal Casting Division in 1950
Specializes in Wax Casting
1950 Began studying wax casting under his late father, First Generation Shoen, Japan's national intangible cultural asset.
1986 Became professor at National Takaoka Junior College.
1987 Became part-time instructor at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Fine Arts Faculty.
1991 Retired from National Takaoka Junior College
-Major works-
1991 Created the monument "Gen-oh", placed at the fountain facing the front entrance of the National Takaoka Junior College.
1997 Created the dragon head for the "Auspicious Dragons Spring", a national treasure at Takaoka Zui-ryu Temple
1966 Modern Industrial Art Award and Yomiuri Newspaper Award, Japan Modern Industrial Art Exhibition; The Japan Fine Arts Exhibition Grand Prize; Hokuto Award.
1971 The Japan Fine Arts Exhibition Grand Prize.
1976 Toyama Newspaper Cultural Award.
1981 Award, Japan Modern Industrial Art Exhibition.
1981 Toyama Prefecture Cultural Merit Award.
1994 Local Cultural Merit Award, Minister of Education and Culture Award