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After inputting each item, please press the button "Confirm" in the lower part of the page.
Order Items :  No.1210 / JPY 199,000.00- / Irises design
No.1203 / JPY 265,000.00- / Flower Cart design
No.1201 / JPY 342,000.00- / Old plum and Pheasant design
No.1213 / JPY 211,000.00- / Gold bamboo design
No.1211 / JPY 210,000.00- / Grapes design
No.1205 / JPY 199,000.00- / Maple tree design
No.1214 / JPY 199,000.00- / Ivy and Arrowroot design
No.2205 / JPY 128,500.00- / Plum and Camellia design
No.3206 / JPY 151,000.00- / Cherry tree design
No.3202 / JPY 162,000.00- / Chrysanthemum design
Hanger Option :  +0 yen default
+4,400 yen : picture-rail type

Every screen includes a Fuji-torii custom-made screw type hanging bracket.
The picture rail wire, which can be attached to it in order not to damage the wall, can be purchased for 4,400 yen.
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Selling Agreement
1. Orders can be placed in the case that customer pays by bank transfer in Japanese yen and pays for bank charges.
2. The price above includes merchandise, shipping, insurance, packing and handling charges.
3. The quotes above are based on shipments to the farthest regions. Therefore, your shipping charge may be less, depending on your country.
4. Please be advised that on occasion, shipments may not be accepted by the country of destination.
5. Shipment will be delivered by EMS.
6. No return policy.

Once you have chosen your screen, an invoice will be sent to your e-mail address.
Payment by bank transfer should be made within 7 days.
If there is no reply or no bank transfer within 2 weeks, your order will be canceled.
After transaction is completed, your order will be shipped via EMS and your tracking information will be sent to your e-mail address.

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